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Self Storage in Rothwell

Container Loaded At Residence
Full Detailed Inventory Given
Professionally Packed Containers
Stored In A Purpose Built Warehouse

Store your good in Rothwell self storage

If you’re looking for self storage in Rothwell, then look no further than Pink & Jones. Our site based within Northampton provides easy and safe access for you to store your valuable possessions. Whether you’re moving home or simply looking for extra space at home, our self storage facility in Northampton will meet all requirements you have, giving you a peace of mind that you’re goods are in great hands!

Our facility based in Wellingborough provides easy access for anyone within the boundaries of Rothwell looking for storage. We wanted our location to be easily accessible and this is what our facility provides. We have been providing storage services for over 100 years! And we are always moving with the times. We employ the latest methods to make sure that your goods stay in the same condition you brought them in, by controlling the atmosphere within which they are contained. You can also be rest assured that once your goods are stored, it will only be yourself that has access. Our security system makes sure that no one other than you has access, so you can sleep well knowing that your goods are safe and secure.



Whether you’re moving home or simply looking for an alternative to store your goods, you can be rest assured that we will safely store all of your goods – and this includes bigger items such as carpets, ladders, leather upholstery and much more. Once your goods are packed and ready to be collected, they are carefully placed within our specialist containers. These containers are then transported to our specialist facility via our very own heavy-duty removal vehicles and remain there as long as you need. We have been providing storage solutions for over 100 years and we take pride in our customer orientated culture. So if you’re looking for self storage in Rothwell, look no further!

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There are many reasons to use self storage and we have found that people with a wide range of requirements seek out our services. Whether it is for domestic or commercial purposes, our facility provides the solution to your storage needs. Take a look at our list below that outlines some of the main reasons why people turn to storage facilities –

  • When simply moving home and needing a place to store goods temporarily
  • Renovating your home and looking to keep your possessions somewhere safe
  • Keeping goods safe whilst your travelling for an extended period
  • If your relocating abroad knowing that you may return further down the line
  • Or, if you’re simply looking to declutter your home and create some much needed space.

We have also found that many businesses seek storage in Rothwell for many purposes also. Some of them include –

  • Archiving old files and documents, to save space in the office.
  • Storing office furniture – no matter how big the item is, we can safely store it here at Pink & Jones.
  • Storing heavy exhibition and event equipment
  • Storing excess stock and seasonal goods


Contact us today to get a FREE no obligation quote for all your storage needs in Northampton. Call us now on 01536 211 166 or email removals@pinkandjones.co.uk!

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