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Ten Biggest Moving Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

The road from one house to another can be a rocky one, therefore you want to avoid as many of the common moving mistakes as you can. We have devised The Ten Commandments of Moving House, to ensure a enjoyable and less stressful move:

  1. You decide to go DIY: What people don’t realise is that there is an extensive amount of planning to be done when moving house, so much so that even a move across town can be a complicated process. Theres a huge amount of potential downfalls that could occur such as damage to your household items, unexpected fuel costs and the general stress on you as well, so at the end of the day, DIY may not be the best way to save pennies after all. Instead, save yourself from stress, and give yourself time to research and plan your move down to the finest detail.
  1. You didn’t get an estimate: This is something you should never forget, its not time consuming and will help you budget your finances for the move. An estimate will give you an idea of how much your move will cost, based on how far you’re moving away and details about your house and its contents.
  1. You didn’t check your insurance: Another priority whilst making a move is to check all of your insurance policies and what they cover. Though mostly avoidable, breakages and damages can occur and if you haven’t got it covered it will be an unnecessary cost added to your move. Before you start the moving process, check with whoever is moving you what type of insurance they have and what it covers, then check with your home insurance provider to see what’s covered and when and where it is covered.
  1. Attempting to pack yourself: Packing your stuff away can seem quite straight forward but it in reality it’s very easy to make mistakes that can cause you a lot of hassle. Our removals team at Pink & Jones are experts and packing belongings and personal effects safely and efficiently. They will make sure that all your items are safely stored away for the journey so they can be easily unpacked at your new home.
  1. You forget the pets are moving too: Its easily done, with all the stress surrounding you with the preparation for moving, you forget that your pets are coming too! Make sure they are well prepared, visit the vet before the moving day to ensure your pet is up to date with vaccinations, tags, chips etc. If you have dogs bring some water and a bowl for them so they can have a drink during breaks. If you’re traveling a long distance plan your journey with breaks in mind so you can give your dogs a leg stretch and a drink along the way.
  1. You forget plants need special care and attention: At Pink & Jones we’ve helped plenty of customers move their plants that they’re taking to their new house. Transporting plants is fairly straight forward but it’s important to water them before the journey, particularly in hot weather.
  1. You forgot your survival kit: You get into your new home and all you want is a nice cup of tea, but which box are the tea bags in? This is often the case when moving, however if you’re smart about it you can pack away items you will need on the day and night of the move so you’re prepared. This might include scissors, a torch, toiletries, dog food, soap, tea bags, toilet paper etc. You’ll also want to make sure you get your broadband service set up quickly if you rely on it for any TV and gaming or if you work from home at all.
  1. You rely too much on your inventory: Although producing a detailed inventory and to-do lists can help you manage your time in the lead up to your move on the actual day you can relax. The team at Pink & Jones will ensure that all your belongings and boxes are packed up into our lorries. Once everything is packed away our team with double check that nothing has been left behind so you can relax.
  1. Theres cleaning that need to be done: If you’re renting then this is a definite must! Find out what’s expected from your landlord and allow time to vacuum, sweep, scrub and maybe even paint in order to get your home back into the same condition it was as you left it. If you’re renting and you don’t clean it up then you might not get your security deposit back!
  1. Don’t lose faith!: Moving house can be a stressful process, but as you’re lugging boxes too and throw, trying to catch the cat or dropping your favorite vase, just think of why you’re moving in the first place! Find the motivation, think positive and keep going!