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Moving Mistakes To Avoid – Expert Removals Advice

Planning to relocate? The road from one humble abode to another can be a stressful one if you don’t plan ahead precisely and follow the correct precautions. Never fear though – we are here to help – offering our wealth of tips and tricks to ensure you are well informed of the most common moving mistakes that are oh so easily avoidable!

You think you can do without the professionals and decide to go DIY

Unless your home or office is compact enough so that all your belongings fit into a handful of boxes, this is a grave mistake to make. Even the smallest local relocation from village to surrounding village for example, involves a lengthy amount of preparation and planning to ensure that the big day doesn’t descend into a big stressful mess! Now imagine moving to Europe or even further abroad and you can see how the problems could become severely magnified.

Using the services of professional moving companies eliminates the burden of having to organise every minute detail yourself, so take the load off your shoulders and allow an expert removals company to ensure your house clearance runs smoothly. If you’re worrying about forking out extra pennies unnecessarily, then you should note how many removal companies provide competitive rates these days, including Britannia, as well as the fact that any damages you inflict on your possessions are additional pennies you could have saved. You don’t want to move into to a house that is hazardous, so be sure to get a asbestos survey with ICE Asbestos first.

Not bothering to organise and declutter your belongings beforehand

Now, this may not be something that you want to hear, as all of us possess a little inner hoarder when for example, it comes to that gigantic teddy bear your first boyfriend won for you on your first date! However, if it’s now taking up too much unnecessary space, its time to be ruthless! Sort through your piles of endless clutter and be unforgiving when it comes to deciding if you really need that pile of outdated magazines you have already read a thousand times before. Be super strict with yourself when deciding which items to throw out, recycle, sell on eBay or donate to a charity shop. If you really can’t bear to part with certain items, we also offer safe and secure storage units and containers in our on-site storage facility.

By being one step ahead and planning before moving day, you set yourself up to reap the benefits when it comes to packing and transporting; firstly, there will be less stuff for you to pack, saving you time and furthermore, less to be transported by the packers and movers, saving you money!

Being overly thrifty and buying low quality supplies because they’re cheap

Dont get us wrong, here at Britannia we are all for going green and recycling at every given opportunity, however when you are putting a life’s worth of belongings into an uncertain situation where damages could possibly occur, you want them to be as protected as possible. By using old boxes that have visible signs of wear and tear you are setting yourself up for a moving disaster – the boxes themselves will be weak and hard to carry, meaning they could easily be dropped and god forbid you’re pride and joy of a television was to smash!

We supply a great range of tried and tested high quality packing materials including bubble wrap, tape, assorted sizes of packing boxes and much more, available at competitive rates. Our friendly team of removalists are intensively trained in packing and transporting your goods and will use their wealth of knowledge and experience acquired over the years to ensure that your belongings are out of harms way, by using specially selected packing materials tailored to your specific items. We also provide a home survey, to ensure that all your belongings are documented and appropriate space is allocated before you receive our final quote.

You don’t feel there is any need to label your boxes

Not only should you enjoy the task of whipping out the childrens colouring pens and getting creative, but you should also relish in the fact that it will save you so much time when it comes to unpacking! You can colour co-ordinate, make up a key, use symbols as directions or whatever you fancy to label every box with which room its going to, so the delivery men know exactly where to lay it down.

If you love to be overly organised then you can go one step further and write an additional list that not only tells you where the boxes are going, but also the entire contents of them. This doubles up as your own moving house checklist, which is extra handy when relocating, so you can account for any losses and remember exactly what you packed and where to unpack it.

Forgetting to take the weather into account

This can be an easy factor to forget about when moving house, but is no doubt one of the most important. Hats off to you and your family if you manage to get lucky and choose a moving day that isn’t hit by Britain’s constantly changing weather forecast and are blessed with sunny skies, however if you are greeted with a miserable wet day then you best be prepared. Ensure you stock up on tarpaulins, plastic sheets and any sort of waterproof coverings before the day to protect it from damage from the elements. If you don’t have a good sized doormat then it might be an idea to nip to your local department store and grab one, so that wet grub and muck doesn’t get trodden into your home when transporting your belongings around.

If you don’t want to fork out on a new mat then opt for old towels or sheets instead. If you are moving home with Britannia however, this tip is null and void, due to the fact that we supply top of the range protective gear for all of your belongings to keep every item dry and damage free!

If you would like to find out more about how Britannia Pink & Jones can take the stress of moving house away, please contact us via email or call us on 01536 512 019. Alternatively please fill in our Quick Quote form to the right of this article.

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