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Moving House With Children, How to Make Sure It’s an Enjoyable and Stress Free Experience!

Just like adults, children can find moving house very stressful, especially if they’ve lived in the same home for all, or the majority of their lives. We always recommend that on the actual moving day, children are not present during the process. This is mainly down to health and safety, with all the lifting and moving involved.

However it is still important that the children feel involved and excited about this big change in their lives. With that in mind, we’ve put together some ideas to help make the process of moving house with children, run as smoothly as possible.

  • Initiate conversation with them and talk about all the exciting and interesting things there will be for them to do in their new house. Focus on the benefits of the move rather than their sadness about leaving their current home.

  • Eye catching storage boxes can help children make the tough decision to say goodbye to some of the toys or possessions that they don’t need any more. This will be tough though, as a lot of children find it difficult to let go of items. However, this might help out with de-cluttering!

  • Get your children involved in labelling boxed items; children of pretty much any age can do this, and the older ones can write lists of the contents inside.

  • Make sure they get to say goodbye to their old house. Taking pictures and collecting contact details from their friends, so they know they won’t lose touch, will help make the process easier.

  • Why not suggest creating a scrapbook. In it, they can put their favourite memories of the old house, their experience of moving, and how they want their new bedroom to be.

  • Once you move into your new property, make a big deal out of getting their new bedroom exactly how they want it, by discussing colour schemes etc. This will give them something to concentrate on rather than focussing on how much they miss their old home.

Moving can be a stressful time for any family, particularly for children. They have to leave their friends, deal with new children in a new school, and adapt to their new surroundings. However these tips will help to keep a happy and positive atmosphere for the whole family throughout the move.