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Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

So you’ve made it through the moving process and are finally ensconced in your new home. Now is the time to settle back, relax and begin transforming your new sanctuary. Well, it would be if you didn’t have the problem of Christmas right around the corner. The chances are that with so much to organise, you haven’t had a chance to plan – and even if you have there may not be much left in the budget to pay for it. Transforming your new home with some home-crafted Christmas decorations could be the perfect solution. What better way to relax after your stressful move than by sitting down with the family, delving into the art box and creating some eye-catching festive flourishes?Creating your own Christmas crafts can be as easy or as involved as you wish. So if you’re feeling festive and in for some fun, here are some ideas on how you and your family can sprinkle some seasonal cheer on your new surroundings.
Make a creative Christmas card display
If you haven’t had a chance to hang your pictures yet, why not fill the space with a creative Christmas card display? Instead of just propping them on the mantelpiece, attach your cards to lengths of red ribbon and display them on the wall. Finish the drapes off with a few sprigs of holly, mini baubles or tinkling bells and you have a unique and festive Christmas display to brighten up your home.
Create your own family advent calendar
Why not say no to the obligatory chocolate-filled advent calendar and create some fun for all the family instead? Make your own advent pockets by stitching together discs of felt with brightly coloured thread. Add numbers and fill the pockets with sweets or festive treats for the little ones to discover each morning.
Create a modern Christmas wreath
Children will love making this simple snowman wreath. Simply take two white twig wreath bases of different diameters and fix them together with white wire or cotton thread to create the outline of a snowman. Use scraps of fabric or paper to decorate, adding a piece of ribbon for a scarf and a hat shape cut from card. Googly eyes and a carrot finish the look to perfection, and all that remains is to hang it on your chosen wall or door.
Customise your own candle holders
Take a plain cookie jar or festive lantern and add some sparkle to brighten it up. Ribbon, glitter and coloured card all work wonders, and don’t forget to add a sprig of evergreen for a festive finish. Pop in a tea light and you have a low-cost adornment for your Christmas dining table in minutes.
Easy-to-make Christmas tree decorations
Reclaim tradition for your Christmas tree this year with these pretty handmade decorations. Cover small gift boxes with wrapping paper or make cone-shaped baskets and suspend them from the branches. Simply cut 15cm-wide circles from sparkly card, cut a slit to half way and fashion it into a cone. Add matching handles and hang them up to sparkle from your tree.
Light up your world with lights and baubles
Make the most of any decorations you already have and use the leftovers to create a modern lighting ornament. Fill a glass vase with fairy lights and baubles and place it on your windowsill or sideboard to create a magical festive feel.