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Kettering – a commuters dream?

kettering railway station

With the need to balance work and home life, London is seeing an influx of residents moving to rural areas for affordable housing.

Only 60 miles away from the big capital and with easy public transport links, Kettering should (if it isn’t already) be on your list to consider.

In 2015, the average price for a London flat was £476,450 and with regular stories about converted garages as living spaces making headlines, its no wonder first time buyers have to look elsewhere.

Yes, job opportunities are rife in London but, if like majority of the country, throwing half a million on a home is outside your budget, how do you get yourself on the property ladder?

Considering Northamptonshire areas is your first port of call, in particular, Kettering.

A family home averages out at £157,429 (research conducted by Saville) and with London less than an hour away via train, Kettering is quickly becoming a commuters dream.

Property prices have increased by 5.5% suggesting that now is the time to buy in the area, with property buying a worthwhile investment.

Based on research by Lloyds in 2015, Kettering was listed as the second most affordable commuter town. So, what does the town have to offer?


1) Scenic town centre

A large market square boasting household brands and independent shops, you wont be short of options nor choice when needing to shop! Plus, with London only an hour away, you can always hop onto a train and hit the shops on Oxford Street!

2) A family day out

Whilst Kettering may not have an endless list of entertainment venues compared to London, it does have a beautiful park famous for pioneering the waterchute! Wicksteed Park is the go-to destination when in the local area.

3) Rolling countryside

A stunning house, surrounded by English countryside, Boughton House is renowned in the area for their events and of course, hosting some scenes from Les Miserables. The central hub spot in Kettering for unique events including open air theatre!

4) Better quality of life

Imagine the joy of leaving the rat race, the smoke, the pollution and of course, all the other commuters to come back and relax in your garden. Enjoying a pint in your local pub! One of the many advantages of moving to Kettering is the overall lifestyle with a healthier and happier balance between work and home life.

5) Did you say North Londonshire?!

Yes, Kettering has a lot to offer but we can’t deny the real reason why people are considering moving to Kettering. A campaign to label it North Londonshire may have fallen flat a few years ago (proud to be Northamptonshire guys), the easy access to London, Birmingham and more truly makes it commuters dream.