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The Essential Moving Day Survival Kit

After the hard work you’ve put in to secure your new home, it’s finally yours! Moving week is imminent and the anticipation of what is likely to be a rather stressful time, might become a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve provided this useful list of tools to keep the move into your new home a happy one! We believe these life saving items should be kept close to  alleviate certain difficulties likely to crop up during the process.


Swiss Army Knife – It would probably be preferable to have a whole toolbox handy on moving day. Unfortunately, this would not be as practical. The tools on a swiss army knife are incredibly useful for opening boxes, putting bits of furniture together and, most important, opening that bottle of wine/beer you’re saving for when the movers have left.


A weekend overnight bag – make sure you’ve got easy access to your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, a razor and anything else you’d need for two to three days away.


Bin bags – Not the rubbish ones from the pound shop. We’re talking about sturdy, thick ones. You’ll also want some recycling ones too.  If you have time before the chaos of the big move, look up what is recyclable locally before your trip so you can be sure to recycle all of your packing materials. Alternatively, coordinate with someone else who is about to move to come pick up your boxes, bubble wrap and tissue paper when you’re done.


Power plug strip and mobile phone charger – Things you’re likely to need during the move and unpacking process are a lamp or two, a laptop, an ipod dock, and a mobile phone, among many possible others. Keep the chaos at bay by at least being able to plug them all in, in one spot.


Pain killers and other important medications – The stress of moving may cause an unwanted headache during crucial moments of your move, affecting your ability to organise and move your belongings in an organised fashion. Additionally, we would suggest you keep all of your medications, documents, laptop, jewellery and anything else that’s very important or of great value somewhere that you’re keeping track of and not left in the moving van.


A torch – Very handy for checking out any dark corners, such as the loft or cellar. It would also be wise to pack a few extra batteries, light bulbs and candles too.


Bottled water and breakfast bars – The whole moving process is likely to distract you until you are very hungry, so having some immediate snacks and drinks around until you manage to organise a proper meal will be very welcome.
All purpose cleaner – Any good house seller will have thoroughly cleaned the house before you move in. However, it’s good to be prepared in case it’s not up to your own personal standard of cleanliness.  You’ll still want to give the toilet and shower a good clean or some furniture a good dust anyway, so make sure you’ve got some paper towels and a good all purpose cleaner handy.


Notepad and pen – Moving day is the optimum time for the creation of to-do lists. New numbers and postcodes are learned, as well as names of neighbours who have stopped by to introduce themselves. These are things you’ll want to write down so that you don’t forget during the pandemonium.


Removal paperwork, contact numbers, passport and banking details – From our experience in removals, these are things that our customers can often become panicked about during the moving process. Make sure you don’t accidentally pack these and keep them to hand during your move to ensure you can avoid the inconvenience of having to delve into countless neatly packed boxes to find them.


You’ll probably want to your add your own personal requirements to this list. However, this is a great starting point to making sure you can remain calm and collected amongst the mayhem. Until you move, you probably won’t have realised how important all the little things are. Keep this essential survival kit close at hand and  we believe you’ll avoid any nightmare house move scenarios.