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10 Ways To Save Money When Moving House

Moving home is one of the most exciting, yet stressful, life events. It can also be very expensive. But with some preparation and help from Britannia Pink and Jones there are ways to make savings.

Here are our top ten tips to help you keep the cost of moving down.

1. The bottom line – Work out the total cost of your mortgage, including all set-up and arrangement fees. It’s important to know the final amount you will pay. Once you know what you will have to pay, try and keep cash in a savings account and only move it to your current account when you need to pay the mortgage. That way you won’t lose out on any more interest than you need to.

2. Organise a reliable removal company such as Pink and Jones– If you can, consider hiring a removal firm rather than attempting to move your home and possessions yourself. Taking time to consider what you are moving and proposing to sell or throw out will aid the process, especially when considering what resources need to be allocated.

3. Ask questions – Check out if we have any second-hand cardboard boxes we don’t need on removals. We can offer these at a discounted price.

4. Sell yourself – If you’re selling your home, consider going DIY and advertising your home online. You will have to arrange viewings, but cutting out the estate agent could save you hundreds of pounds that you could put towards getting things packed for you by our highly skilled team.

5. Don’t forget your bills – Make sure you pay off your utility and broadband or phone bills and cancel any that you won’t need to pay when you move. Use your move as an opportunity to shop around for the best utility providers, and set up direct debit payments to pay these bills, as well as Council Tax so you can get used to the outgoings.

6. Be snap happy – If you are moving into rented accommodation, scrutinise the property before you move in. Take photos of any existing damage and email these to your letting agent or landlord so that you aren’t held accountable for it when you move out. The same goes for the items we move. If you require us to photograph the condition of the items for liability or insurance purposes, please let us know and this can be something we can organise for you.

7. Be prepared – Speak to your estate agent to establish what the cost of bills and council tax is likely to be.

8. Get covered – Take time to shop around for home insurance, and ensure you have the right cover in place from the day you exchange contracts. When using removal companies such as Britannia Pink and Jones, you will be offered Liability insurance as standard with our quotes, so whilst your items are in our care, you will be covered.

9. Extras – Think ahead to the day itself. Do you need to budget for extra childcare or kennels for a pet? Will you have the time or facilities to cook or should you plan for takeaways for a day or two? These costs can all add up so make sure you include them in your budget. Try using our checklist in order to help organise what needs to be done.

10. Build up an emergency fund– By using Pink and Jones Removals you should not need any emergency funds as we try to be clear from the outset as we don’t spring unwanted costs of you before or on the big day. However the chances are there will be hidden horrors in your new home are possible, ranging from papered-over cracks in the walls, a dodgy boiler or old wiring that you’ll need to deal with within weeks or months of moving in. Look around for an instant access savings account with a decent interest rate and set up an automatic transfer so that you can save a little each month to help with unexpected outgoings.