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Tips For Selling Your Home In The Spring

With the icy mornings slowly vanishing and the sun showing its face for the first time in months, it’s getting closer to what is traditionally the busiest time of year for selling and moving house.

While putting your home on the market in the springtime has become somewhat of a cliche over the years, the truth is that spring is, and probably always will be, the season with the greatest levels of supply and demand. The hefty competition does however mean that you also have the best chance of obtaining the highest price for your property at this time of year.

So, with this is mind, let’s take a look at some of the quick and simple changes you can make, to ensure selling your home and relocating is a much more efficient, profitable and enjoyable experience.

Tidy up your garden

If you have a front garden, it will be the first thing your potential buyers will see and they are likely to form an impression, and possibly a decision, in the first few seconds of viewing the approach to your property.

Make sure you do all the basics such as pruning, tidying up flowerbeds and hosing down the garden path. If the lawn needs mowing, try diagonal lines as they can give the impression of more space, and remember to trim the edges.

Although not always noticed by potential buyers, it’s also worth clearing the gutters of all the leaves and debris that has built up over the winter. Viewing blockages from an upper bedroom window can give the impression of a poorly maintained property or even that you have only spruced up things on the surface.

Spring cleaning

spring cleaning


With the freshness that spring brings, comes with it the urge to freshen up your property. It’s vital to clean both sides of any windows and glass doors and also any curtains or blinds. Open up the windows to ensure your house is fully aired and any damp wintery smells are blasted out.

If you have any hard surface floors, such as wood or tile, make sure they are polished and that any grout is bleached back to its original colour.

If you are a smoker or have pets, it’s of paramount importance that you completely rid the house of these odours before any prospective buyers visit. These are two of the most common factors that can put buyers off from making an offer.


It goes without saying that any broken items should be fixed, as not only will they be a cause for concern for buyers and give off a bad impression, but also fixing them before you receive an offer will work out much cheaper than if you have to negotiate the cost of repair with your buyers.

It should only take an hour or so and costs very little to do, but painting your front door can really help with creating a positive first impression. Buyers will have to wait at the door unsupervised and as such will have plenty of time to inspect its condition and form a first impression of the rest of the house on this basis. While you’re at it, invest in a new doormat or welcome mat to give off that friendly and brand new feeling.

Presentation is key

spring cleaning

While you may be fully acquainted with all of your property’s positive features, don’t forget that potential buyers need these things pointing out to them. By highlighting and diminishing certain aspects of your household, you can direct their attention to whatever benefits your property provides.

Although something of a cliche, who doesn’t want to see fresh flowers when they enter a home? Filling the house with colourful spring flowers, such as daffodils or tulips, shows both that you have made an effort and that you take a lot of pride in your property.

It’s likely that your wardrobe will be filled with winter clothes, that really don’t need to be there. Give off an impression of more wardrobe space by removing your unnecessary garments, or consider putting them and any other superfluous items into self-storage units until you have moved house.

Marketing your property for a sale

If you’ve been advertising your property for sale over the winter months, it is advisable to briefly remove it from the marketplace before relisting it in the spring. A property that hasn’t sold for months will give cause for concern to most buyers, so ensure your listing appears new and in demand.

Additionally, avoid radically over or underpricing your property. An overpriced property is obviously unlikely to sell, but one that is underpriced is just as much at risk of not being bought, as buyers will question whether there is a negative reason why the price is so low.

Once your property is in top shape, it’s time to photograph it in its best light. Make sure you upload these photos to multiple real estate websites and consider using a 360° video for certain impressive areas of your home.

You can also supplement the promotional work of your estate agent, by advertising that your property is for sale on social media platforms. If you have a reasonable following, this can sometimes have a wider reach than the standard channels your agent is likely to utilise.

If you’re still struggling to secure a buyer and are keen to move, it might be worth considering a cash home buyer. A genuine cash home buying company takes the uncertainty out of selling your property on the open market. They should be able to purchase your property in as little as seven days, and because they purchase with their own cash funds the sale is guaranteed, leaving you free to move on with your onward purchase.

Moving house in the spring

If all goes to plan, your property will stand out amongst the competition and you will get that lucrative springtime sale, freeing you up to move into your new home in late spring or early summer. This is a great time of the year for relocation, as the weather tends to be pleasant, allowing for a far more easy and stress-free move.

Whether you are moving within the UK, to Europe or overseas to a far flung destination, at Britannia Pink & Jones, we are a moving company with many years of experience of helping people start their new life ahead. Our professionally trained packers and movers take as much care with your item removals as they would their own and our customer’s testimonials speak for themselves

If you have followed our advice and been lucky enough to clinch a springtime sale, why not book a free pre-move survey with us to see exactly what moving to your new home entails. Remember to check out our moving checklist and if you think you might attempt part of the move yourself, be sure to let us know if you require any specialist packing boxes and materials.

If you would like a quotation, please fill in the QuickQuote form to the right of this page and if you have any questions for us about moving house or even moving offices, please email us or call us on 01539 211166.

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