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Serving Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas


Storage In the Northampton Area

When it comes to storing your household furniture and effects for just a few weeks, months or possibly even years it is important that you do your research. You really need to know how your goods are going to be stored and also where they will be stored. We have dedicated self storage site in Northampton that will look after all your needs.

The easiest way to check this out is to take time out to visit the storage depot to ensure that it is clean, tidy and well run. Turning up without an appointment is a sure fire way of finding out if the warehouse your goods will be stored in will in reality be fit for purpose.

The term containerised storage is often used, but when it was introduced into the removals industry it was not meant to be associated with steel shipping containers. The whole idea is that customers goods are containerised on site outside their home and then mechanically taken off with a forklift when the van returns to the depot. if this process is repeated when the items are redelivered it cuts down handling by over 200%….and there is no chance of condensation.