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Remember R.E.M.O.V.A.L.S

Ready to book your removal or just thinking about it? It  is always nice to know what is involved and what is expected of you, as the customer.
Whilst we take care of most things, organisation is key..
Remember R.E.M.O.V.A.L.S
R– Remember to get your survey booked in with us in plenty of time. We would usually recommend around 6 weeks prior to the move to begin your enquiries with us.

E- Evaluate what is staying, going or being sold before our surveyors attend your appointment. A better idea of the amount being moved will allow us to draw up a very precise quotation and help the job go smoothly.

M- Make your removal booking with us. When your solicitors begin mentioning a date, check availability with us. Should you wish to pencil in at this stage, we will do this now. Being in the diary provisionally will elevate stress.

O- Organise yourself. If you are packing, grab the boxes from us. If we are coming past your area these can be delivered, if not you are always welcome to pop by our warehouse and collect them.

V- Valuables. Go round the property and analyse the value of the good being moved. Remember the standard liability that we offer, if your value is over this, just pop it on the acceptance form and we will adjust invoices.

A- Appliances. Remember you need to disconnect all appliances prior to us starting your removal. At this point consider draining mowers etc of fuel.

L- Loft. The loft in your property is your responsibility to clear. Whilst we can pack it on a full pack, you need to bring all the items that are going down, ready for us to pack/load.

S- Stay Calm. Your removal has been booked and confirmed. Schedule has been organised and you should know when we are arriving and to do what.

For any other information, or tips on moving, just give us a call or drop Britannia Pink and Jones an e-mail.